IMS Specialists

Phillip Capitolo, Associate Specialist, CDFW-OSPR: Conduct at-sea aerial surveys of birds and mammals, including surveys in response to oil spills.

Miles Daniels, Associate Specialist, NOAA/SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division: Conducts research using coupled hydrodynamic and biological models in the California Central Valley to improve water management for protected salmon species.

Glenn Ford, Specialist, CDFW-OSPR: Behavioral ecology and population dynamics of vertebrates, including:  computer modeling of space‑use patterns, demographic modeling of population response to environmental change, and recovery rates; statistical analysis of transect data for determination of population size and distribution; oil spill trajectory modeling, and analysis of risk to biological resources and habitat; development of computer graphics and information‑access systems for planning and management of marine resources; estimation of seabird mortality from oil spills; collection and analysis of beached bird survey data.

Rob Franks, Specialist: Manager of the Institute of Marine Sciences Analytical Laboratories.

Liana Heberer, Assistant Specialist: Large pelagics (tuna, billfish, sharks), Conservation ecology, Biology of marine fishes, California coastal ecology, Remote sensing and imagery, Sustainable development, Science communication, GIS.

Sara John, Associate Specialist: Development and application of physical and biological models on the interactions of water management and endangered Chinook salmon in California's Central Valley.

Neosha Kashef, Associate Specialist: Fisheries ecology, reproductive biology, aquaculture and natural history of northeast Pacific Coast groundfishes. Early life history with an emphasis on larval fish biology, recruitment mechanisms and factors affecting survival. Effects of environmental change on behavior, physiology, reproduction and embryonic development in rockfishes with a focus on ocean acidification and hypoxia. 

Kate Roberts, Assistant Specialist, Paytan Lab: The use of oxygen isotope composition of phosphate to shed light on phosphorus dynamics in soils.

Heather Welch, Associate Specialist: Identification and characterization of marine hot spots in the California Current System.