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Claudio Campagna

Biography, Education and Training


I work for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in the Marine and Argentina Programs. Most of my research career was spent as staff of the National Research Council of Argentina. I obtained an MD from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and a PhD in Animal Behavior from the University of California at Santa Cruz. I contribute to the Species Survival Commission of IUCN as member of the Steering Committee and co-Chair of the Marine Conservation Subcommittee. My present interest is in the philosophy of language applied to the conservation discourse.

Honors, Awards and Grants

2004 Pew Marine Conservation Fellow, Pew Institute for Ocean Science


2014 Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center resident

Selected Publications

Le Boeuf, B.J., & Campagna, C. (2013). Wildlife Viewing Spectacles: Best Practices from Elephant Seal (Mirounga sp.). Aquatic Mammals, 39(2): 132-146. DOI: 10.1578/AM.39.2.2013.132

Campagna, C., Short, F.T., Polidoro, B.A., McManus, R., Collette, B.B., Pilcher, N.J., Sadovy, Y., Stuart, S.N. & Carpenter, K.E. (2011). Gulf of Mexico oil blowout increases risks to globally threatened species. Bioscience, 61: 393-397.

 Campagna, C., Sanderson, E.W., Copolillo, P.B., Falabella, V., Piola, A.R., Strindberg, S. and Croxall, J.P. (2008). A species approach for marine ecosystem conservation. Aquatic Conservation (Marine Freshwater Ecosystems) 17:S122-S147.

Campagna, C., Piola, A.R., Marin, M.R., Lewis, M., Zajaczkovski, U. and Fernández, T. (2007). Deep divers in shallow seas: Southern elephant seals on the Patagonian shelf. Deep-Sea Research I. 54: 1792-1814.


Campagna, C. and Fernandez, T. (2007). A comparative analysis of vision and mission statements of international environmental organizations. Environmental Values 16: 369-98.