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Ryan Anderson
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Biography, Education and Training

Dr. Ryan B. Anderson is an assistant professor in the department of anthropology at Santa Clara University, and a Research Associate at the Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. His current research focuses on conservation, sustainability, and development along the California coast (in Mexico and the US). This includes research about coastal erosion and sea level rise adaptation in California, and ongoing work on conservation, development, and governance in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Anderson, R. Beyond “Success”: Community, Governance, and the Future of Cabo Pulmo National Park. (2019) Human Organization 78(2): 147-157.

Anderson, R. Roads, value, and dispossession in Baja California Sur, Mexico. (2017) Economic
Anthropology 4:7-21.

Anderson, R. Islands within an almost island: History, myth, and aislamiento in Baja California,
Mexico. (2016) Shima: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures 10(1):33-47.

Anderson, R. Sustainability, ideology, and the politics of development in Cabo Pulmo, Baja
California Sur, Mexico. (2015) Journal of Political Ecology 22: 239-254.

Jackson, J. B. and R. Anderson.  Anthropology and Open Access.  (2014) Cultural
Anthropology, Volume 29(2):236-263.

Editor-Reviewed Publications

Anderson, R. Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and the Slow Erosion of “Home.” (2019). Practicing Anthropology.

Anderson, R. The Unstable Edge: Anthropology, Speculative Fiction, and the Incremental Threat of Sea Level Rise. (2018) Theorizing the Contemporary Series, Cultural Anthropology.

rson, R. Climate Skepticism, Denial, and the Question of Belief. (2017) EnviroSociety.

Anderson, R. Hope versus critical awareness? Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything and the
Politics of Climate Change in the Classroom. (2015) Anthropology News.

Anderson, R. From one place to another. (2013) Anthropology of Work Review, Volume

Anderson, R. Landscapes of Wealth and Desire. (2011) OAC Working Papers Series #9. ISSN

Select Online Publications

Anderson, R. Surfing versus the commodification of everything. (2017) Savage Minds.

Anderson, R. Sustainability is everything—and nothing. (2015) Savage Minds.

Anderson, R. The politics of (uneven) development on the East Cape of Baja California Sur,
Mexico. (2012) Anthropologies #15.

Anderson, R. Value, social conflict, and tourism. (2011) Savage Minds.