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Steve I Lonhart

Summary of Expertise

Kelp forest ecology, invasion biology, biogeography and marine invertebrates.

Research Interests

Research and monitoring in marine protected areas of central California, ecological consequences of biological invasions in central California harbors and adjacent open coast, and geogrpahic range expansions/contractions associated with climate change.

Biography, Education and Training

Dr. Lonhart has worked as a marine ecologist for NOAA's Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and as a non-paid Research Associate for the Institute of Marine Sciences since 2002. As the senior SIMoN Scientist, Steve is responsible for maintaining SIMoN's research and monitoring programs and implementing SIMoN's scientific goals to integrate existing monitoring programs within the sanctuary; supporting research and monitoring programs that address important resource management issues; and disseminating information to resource managers, researchers, educators, and the general public. He is also involved in several research and monitoring projects, including studies on the effectiveness of state marine protected areas, the ecological effects of invasive species, and the impact of nearshore processes of burial and exhumation on subtidal benthic communities.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from UCLA, a Master of Science degree in Biology from California State University Long Beach, and a Doctorate in Biology from UC Santa Cruz. Though he has several interests in marine ecology, his scientific research has focused on invasion biology, kelp forest ecology, and marine invertebrate natural history, with an emphasis on marine gastropods.

Selected Publications

Storlazzi, C.D., T.A. Fregoso, J.D. Figurski, J. Freiwald, S.I. Lonhart, and D.P. Finlayson. 2013. Burial and exhumation of temperate bedrock reefs as elucidated by repetitive high-resolution sea floor sonar surveys: spatial patterns and impacts to species’ richness and diversity. Continental Shelf Research, 55:40-51.

Lonhart, S.I. 2009. Natural and climate change mediated invasions. In: G. Rilov, J.A. Crooks (eds). Biological Invasions of Marine Ecosystems: Patterns, Effects, and Management. Ecological Studies 204, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. p 57-69.

Ritter, A.F., K. Wasson, S.I. Lonhart, R.K. Preisler, A. Woolfolk, K.A. Griffith, S. Connors, and K.W. Heiman. 2008. Ecological signatures of anthropogenically altered tidal exchange in estuarine ecosystems. Estuaries and Coasts, 31:554-571

Zacherl, D., S.D. Gaines, and S.I. Lonhart. 2003. The limits to biogeographical distributions: insights from the northward range extensions of the marine snail, Kelletia kelletii (Forbes, 1852). Journal of Biogeography, 30: 913-924

Lonhart, S.I. and Tupen, J.W.  2001.  Recent range extensions of 12 marine invertebrates: the role  of El Niño and other mechanisms in southern and central California.  Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences, 100(3): 238-248