IMS Postdoctoral Scholars

David Cade, Postdoctoral Scholar: Behaviour and ecology of marine mammals.

Michael Gil, Postdoctoral Scholar: Human-driven environmental change shapes the ecology of natural systems in profound ways that we are only beginning to understand. However, understanding how humans affect ecological systems is essential if we are to formulate effective management strategies that sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services. Through my research program, I seek to understand the mechanisms that underlie the function and persistence of natural ecosystems.

Malte Willmes, Postdoctoral Scholar: Historical and present day ecology of salmon in California using isotopic tools.

Pelayo Menendez Fernandez, Postdoctoral Scholar: Wave Energy Conservsion feasibility in California and coastal risk in other regions.

T. Reid Nelson, Postdoctoral Scholar: Assessing impacts of different contact points on predation-related mortality of juvenile Chinook salmon in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Simone Olivetti, Postdoctoral Scholar: Relationship between fish survival and population dynamics of the flows in the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.

Maria Mercedes Pozo Buil, Postdoctoral Scholar: Investigating the vairability, long term change, and predictability in the California Current System.

Ryan Reisinger, Postdoctoral Scholar:Behavior and movement patterns of humpback whales.

Michael Tatzel, Postdoctoral Scholar: Mg, Sr, and Ca isotopes in Microbial Dolomites.