IMS Research Associates and Fellows


Alejandro Acevedo Guitierrez, Research Associate, Professor in Biology and Science Education, Western Washington University: Understanding the role of marine mammals in their environment and their interactions with humans. The majority of this research has been conducted on harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) in the Salish Sea.

Eric Anderson, Research Associate, Research Molecular Geneticist with the Fisheries Ecology Division, SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: Statistical and computational methods for inference from genetic data. Methods directly relevant to management and conservation of fish species. Work is directed toward the use of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for fisheries management.

Ryan Anderson, Research Associate, and assistant professor in the department of anthropology at Santa Clara University. His current research focuses on conservation, sustainability, and development along the California coast (in Mexico and the US). This includes research about coastal erosion and sea level rise adaptation in California, and ongoing work on conservation, development, and governance in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 

Patrick Barnard, Research Associate, Research Geologist with USGS PCMSC: Large-scale coastal change: Coastal dynamics, wave, hydrodynamic and morphological modeling, seasonal and storm-related coastal response, coastal hazards analysis, anthropogenic influences; Nearshore processes: Surf zone sediment transport, dynamics of high-energy beaches, wave-tidal current interaction, storm impact on beaches, bedform dynamics; Integration of field techniques: Use of a variety of state-of the-art methods to support coastal research, including: multibeam sonar, seismic, Personal Watercraft nearshore/ surf zone bathymetry (Real-time Kinematic GPS), All-Terrain Vehicle topographic beach surveys (Differential GPS), ground based-Lidar, aerial Lidar, digital bed sediment cameras, video imagery, and satellite imagery; Coastal management: Research to support local, state and federal government agencies to find solutions to coastal management issues.

Erick Bjorkstedt, Research Associate, Research Fishery Biologist and Leader, Fisheries Ecology Division, SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: Using empirical, theoretical, and statistical approaches to understand biological and physical processes that influence population structure, population dynamics, and recruitment success of marine fishes and invertebrates; the evolution of life histories in dynamic marine environments; and ecosystem dynamics of marine systems.

Jennifer Brown, Research Associate, SIMoN Ecosystem Scientist: Assessing the condition of estuarine, coastal, and offshore resources in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Claudio Campagna, Research Associate, Adjunct Professor of EEB, Conservation Biologist Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS): Scientific research and conservation work on elephant seals, sea lions and whales.

Guy Cochrane, Research Associate, Research Geophysicist with USGS PCMSC:

Amy East, Research Associate, Research Geologist with USGS PCMSC: Applied sedimentology and geomorphology; sediment transport and stratigraphic evolution in modern and ancient systems. Use of the stratigraphic record in tectonic and climatic signal interpretation. Application of field studies to ecosystem restoration and management.

Timothy Elfers, Research Fellow, Supervisory Engineering Technician with USGS PCMSC: Provides mechanical and electronics support for marine field operations

Heidi Fish, Research Fellow, Research Fishery Biologist, Fisheries Ecology Division, SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: Salmon life history and stream survey methods.

Karin Forney, Research Associate Research Biologist, Marine Mamma and Turtle Division, SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: Oceanographic variability and its effect on the abundance and distribution of cetaceans and other marine vertebrates; habitat-based predictive modeling of cetacean density and distribution; monitoring and mitigating impacts of human-caused mortality and injury on protected species; and quantitative methods for estimating marine animal abundance and evaluating population trends.

Amy Foxgrover, Research Fellow, Geographer with USGS PCMSC: Creation of digital elevation models to evaluate bathymetric change resulting from both natural and anthropogenic activities, primarily within San Francisco Bay.

John Carlos Garza, Research Associate, Adjunct Professor of Ocean Sciences: Population and ecological genetics of marine organisms.

Ann Gibbs, Research Associate, Geologist with USGS PCMSC: Coastal and nearshore mapping and change analysis utilizing a variety of data types including photography, videography, lidar, total station, and historical hydrographic and topographic data. Evaluating historical shoreline change and projected coastal change and hazards in northern Alaska.

Allison Gong, Lecturer, Research Associate, Adjunct Biology Instructor at Cabrillo College: Temperate marine invertebrates, especially life cycles and larval development.

Eric Grossman, Research Associate, Geologist with USGS PCMSC: Llate Quaternary sea-level history, coral reef evolution and geology, benthic habitats and ecology, continental shelf sedimentation and stratigraphy.

Sean Hayes, Research Associate, Associate Adjunct Professor of Ocean Sciences: Behavior, ecology, genetics and population dynamics with a particular interest in salmon and pinnipeds.

Gerald Hatcher, Research Fellow, Ocean Engineer with USGS PCMSC: Underwater imaging system design, autonomous instrument control and data logging, electronics and software development.

Bruce Jaffe, Research Associate: Coastal geologic and physical processes, ranging from surf-zone sediment transport and hydrodynamics to interpretation and modeling of paleotsunami deposits.

Samuel Johnson, Research Associate, Research Geologist with USGS PCMSC: Designs, coordinates, and conducts research projects that focus on seafloor mapping, coastal and marine geomorphology and geologic framework, coastal evolution, and coastal earthquake and tsunami hazards.

Janet Leonard, Research Associate: Identify mating behaviors of several local species of gastropods.

Steve Lonhart, Research Associate, SIMoN Senior Scientist: Kelp forest ecology, invasion biology, biogeography and marine invertebrates.

Baldo Marinovic, Research Associate, Lecturer with Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: Plankton biology, Euphausiid (krill) population biology, zooplankton ecology, pelagic food web dynamics, climate change potential impacts on zooplankton and fisheries.

Joseph Merz, Research Associate, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: Relationships between aquatic species and their environments and the effects of anthropogenic influences on those relationships.

Stephan B. Munch, Research Associate, Associate Adjunct Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Fisheries Ecologist with Fisheries Ecology Division, SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: Population and ecosystem dynamics, contemporary evolution of life histories, transgenerational thermal plasticity.

Michael O'Farrell, Research Associate, Research Fishery Biologist with Fisheries Ecology Division, SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: The science of natural resource management.

Guy Oliver, Research Associate: Investigate the behavior, ecology and physiology of Northern elephant seals, California sea lions, Steller sea lions and harbor seals at Año Nuevo and throughout their ranges.

Devon Pearse, Research Associate, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Research geneticist with Fisheries Ecology Division, SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: Evolutionary and ecological genetics, conservation biology.

Nancy Prouty, Research Associate, Research Oceanographer with USGS PCMSC: Development and application of unique and robust geochemical proxies derived from shallow and deep-sea corals to enhance our understanding across space and time of compounding effects of climate variability and land-use change.

Bruce Richmond, Research Associate, Research Geologist with USGS PCMSC: Integrated studies of sedimentology, quantitative geomorphology, littoral processes, and anthropogenic effects on natural coastal systems.

Keith Sakuma, Research Associate, member of the Groundfish Analysis Team with SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: Annual pelagic juvenile rockfish and ecosystem assessment midwater trawl survey.

Scott Shaffer, Research Associate, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at SJSU: Physiological Ecology of vertebrate animals, especially birds and mammals.

Daria Siciliano, Research Associate, Lead Scientist at The Ocean Foundation: Coral reef ecology, coral reef geochemistry, marine spatial planning, optical remote sensing, and marine science synthesis and communication.

Curt Storlazzi, Research Associate, Research Geologist with USGS PCMSC: The influence of physical processes on coral and bedrock reef habitats and ecosystems.

Renee Takesue, Research Associate, Research Geologist with USGS PCMSC: The chemical compositions of water, sediments, and biological samples reveal a wealth of information about environmental conditions and processes. Uses geochemistry as a tool to explore effects of anthropogenic activities and natural processes on coastal environments and ecosystems.

Bernie Tershy, Research Associate, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Advisory Board Member at Island Conservation: Development of conservation NGOs. Conservation biology, seabirds and island ecosystems.

Jonathan Warrick, Research Associate, Research Geologist with USGS PCMSC: Rivers and physical changes that occcur to coastal systems. Investigates watersheds and their erosional and sediment transport processes and the geomorphic, oceanographic and ecological effects of reiver-based materials that are discharged to the sea.

Thomas Williams, Research Fellow, Research Fishery Biologist with SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries: The ecology of Pacific salmon and trout and how populations track changes in the environment.